The Beginning

House of Jade Interiors is Born!

Erin and Kirsten (long-time friends) decide to join forces to create House of Jade Interiors, a full service interior design firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

hard work pays off

House of Jade grows

Erin and Kirsten grow their team and design many beautiful homes over the years. They hone their craft and start to make plans for their dream project...

Dreams come true

House of Jade Home is Born

After many years of preparation and consideration, House of Jade Home is here. Erin and Kirsten finally get to share all the pretty things they love with the world. Our products are curated from current design projects, special antiques and many more items we would have in our own homes. Take a look around!

Need Design advice?

House of Jade started as a full service interior design firm and we love helping people turn their homes into the beautiful spaces they deserve. Click here to see how we can help.

Help me Design my Home