After nearly a decade of leveraging their expertise as the founders and principal designers at House of Jade, Erin and Kirsten have grown what began as a small collaboration between friends into a respected business. Accolades from numerous print and online publications praise their ability to create functional, beautiful, and timeless design. After receiving thousands of variations of the request, "What do you put in your clients' homes?" Erin and Kirsten decided to answer that question with a thoughtfully curated collection, filled only with items they would use in their own homes and design projects.

After years of experience, they know the powerful transformation a few high quality pieces can bring to update a space. They know the smallest things can sometimes make the biggest impact in making a house feel thoughtfully well-designed. They know that not everyone has the budget for design services, but that with the right pieces everyone can bring elements of design to a space. They meticulously searched for the perfect products to live up to what they know. The end result? Pieces that are on-trend, with a timeless longevity, and destined to elevate any space.

Our carefully curated collection features items we would proudly display in our own homes. The key to high end, attainable design is right here, ready and waiting.